23030100440 Conversion kit W-FM25 IB 230V from W-FM20 to W-FM25 230V Valve Proving OFF


23030100440 Conversion kit W-FM25 IB 230V from W-FM20 to W-FM25 (without bracket)

The new W-FM 25 combustion manager has additional, freely configurable plug-in positions and upgraded bus connections which extend the capabilities for digital control of the combustion process. It has been designed for use in Weishaupt's compact WG10 to WG40 gas burners and WL30 to WL40 oil burners.

The new W-FM 25 replaces the older W-FM 20, 21, and 24 models, with which it is 100 % backwards compatible.

Any contol circuits components greater than 120V are purchased at the customers' own risk. Any damage caused by their use is not the responsibility of Heating-Center. The use of these components is NOT in accordance with UL Standards 795 or 296.